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Indonesia’s Next Election Is in April 2019. The Islamists Have Already Won. Really ?
Feb 14, 2019
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A friend (actually my boss) told me that he read an article in nytimes about indonesian 2019 election is won by islamist. I feel happy about it, FINALLY ! but oops… I forgot that the term islamist is commonly used as ‘extrimist, ISIS supporter’. and the term conservative muslim also have a negative meaning. the perfect phrase for the term is the one mentioned in the qur’an surah Al-baqarah:143 أُمَّةً وَسَطًا.

so this article actually is very common naration but the interesting part is it’s posted in new york times , the writer (which I suspect he’s the supporter of the incumbent/jokowi) said:

The presidential race, in which Mr. Joko is again facing Prabowo Subianto, a ex-army general and former son-in-law of the dictator Suharto, looks like a replay of the 2014 contest. Back then, Mr. Joko won by a small margin, on a platform promising a grand maritime

that’s the part when the writer try to frame prabowo. he’s the son-in-law of a dictator ? YES. what other people didn’t know is. prabowo is betrayed by his father in law itself, the dictator ! at the time soeharto step down as president. soeharto didn’t choose prabowo as Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces. instead he choose wiranto. the guy who responsible for the missing activist in 1997.

and now wiranto stand with jokowi. serving him as Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs. also lot of ex-generals behind jokowi that have a lot of human right issues. the writer try to frame prabowo as the guy who have big problem in human rights. nice try. thumbs up

In the last four years, Mr. Joko has offered a modicum of hope to progressive and pro-democratic groups. He is not an ideal figure and has been slow in dealing with human rights issues like military violence against civilians.

also he mentioned about Ahok (basuki tjahta puhasudhaljkd it’s hard to type his name) the guy who do blasphemy (he said quran is a tool to fool people) surely if there’s an extrimist in indonesia. ahok would be dieded already (put dieded meme here).

Polarization has deepened since Jakarta’s gubernatorial election two years ago. Mr. Joko supported the incumbent Basuki Tjahaja Purnama against Anies Baswedan, a former education minister of Arab descent. Mr. Basuki, being of Chinese and Christian heritage, became an easy target for a campaign based on ethnic and religious differences. Mr. Basuki wasn’t just defeated in the election;

consider I am a “islamist” (in a positive way). not extrimist. we don’t have problem with any chinese descent. also we didn’t choose Anies Baswedan because he has arab descent. because we consider him capable of the job and of course, the people choose him. you can see his work now. the mess that jokowi and ahok created in jakarta. he’s the guy who cleaned up everything.

generaly speaking, this naration is the same issue when the Election in Jakarta happened. there’s popular naration spread around the voters at that time:

if the islamist won and anies baswedan choosen as Governor of jakarta. indonesia, specially jakarta would be like syria

and now that naration is played again. nice try.

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